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Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei seems to rush towards the upper echelons of Mobile phones. They have released a number of mobile phones that really entice the crowd.

They’ve just released their new flagship phone in the form of the P9 and the company doesn’t want to stop there. They’ve probably wanted ala Apple scheme and they’ve now released a little bit of an upgrade to the P9.

Today, we are going to talk about the Huawei P9 Plus. This is the supposed big brother of the P9 and it aims to improve some of the areas of its smaller counterpart.

Although the Huawei P9 Plus is a little bit bigger having a 5.5-inch display, the company managed to make the bezels as thin as possible to not only preserve the screen real estate but also highlight the phone itself.

The Huawei P9 Plus is also light as it only weighs 162 grams. You can pretty much handle the phone with one hand.

This mobile phone is also constructed with a ceramic glass and it also has a metal frame. Personally, I’ve never encountered a phone that is made of ceramic glass but it looks absolutely beautiful. Furthermore, the metallic rim actually adds to the premium overall look of the phone.

The display is a little bit better than its smaller brother. The Huawei P9 Plus is equipped with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display. The P9 only has an IPS display, although it is pretty good, the Super AMOLED just has better color saturation and contrast.

The only problem I have with the screen, and it sucks to say this, is that the Huawei P9 Plus only comes with a Full HD resolution screen. Since this was supposed to be an upgrade over the P9, I am kind of disappointed that the screen resolution is only a measly 1080p in a market that is already saturated with 1440p screens.

The Chinese company also makes use of China-made components such as the Kirin 955 processor. It is a 64-bit octa-core processor that literally blazes through every application you throw at it.

The Kirin 955 processor is also accompanied by the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU and 4GB of RAM. Benchmark scores are phenomenal and it just sits below the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Huawei P9 Plus is also equipped with a handy and sensitive fingerprint scanner. The Fingerprint scanner is situated just below the phone’s cameras at the back.

It can be used to unlock the phone and it can also be used with a number of applications. If you’re using Google Pay, for example, you can use the fingerprint scanner to authorize your access.

Aside from the impressive specs, there is another area where the Huawei P9 Plus excels and that is the camera. The Chinese mobile phone company teamed up with a German photography group called Leica.

The Huawei P9 Plus comes with 2 Leica Lenses at the back and it works in their own separate way to produce high-quality images. Just like the P9, the P9 Plus has one camera that is in charge with the color and one monochrome lens for the blacks and the whites. The result is a visually stunning image each and every time.

The Huawei P9 Plus is a worthy little upgrade for people who want a bigger phone with a bigger display and impressive specs. If you’re looking for a new phone, the Huawei P9 Plus is a worthy choice.

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Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U

Do you have a dream of becoming a wild, wild west gunslinger? Back when I was a small boy, I’ve had dreams of becoming a gunslinger in the Wild west. My uncle used to frequently watch gunslinger movies and I am hooked on it ever since.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U. This is actually a remastered version of previous Gunman Clive games. It now has a much-improved graphics, more intuitive controls, and a more vibrant interface.

For those of you who don’t know, Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U is a side-scrolling action game. You take on the role of Gunman Clive, a sharpshooting gunslinger who is out to take on the bad guys.

The Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U actually contains 2 of the previous Gunman Clive games: Gunman Clive and Gunman Clive 2. Both of them, as previously mentioned, are improved in every conceivable way.

The story of the game revolves around Gunman Clive in the Wild West. The year was somewhere in the 1800s where rogue cowboys roam freely. Since Gunman Clive is the type of person who wants to uphold peace in the land, he is in pursuit of the baddies.

I can’t even begin with describing the graphics of the game without saying that it is indeed one of the most vibrant and well-thought graphics ever made in a video game. This game sports a 2D art-like design reminiscent to that of the old Cowboy films.

But I digress, let’s get back to the story. This Nintendo Wii U game’s story is about rescuing the mayor’s daughter. The player should complete 16 levels of various difficulties in order to reach the daughter and save her from evil cowboys.

To help Gunman Clive defeat the bad guys, he will have a choice of specialized weapons that have different purposes. You can get a spread shot gun where each time you fire, there will three shots that are going to come out of the gun. There is also the Explosive Bullets where the bullets explode on impact. And, who would’ve thought that Gunman Clive can wield a laser gun in the 1800s? Yes, that’s right; Gunman Clive can also use a laser gun which is pretty awesome considering the setting the game is in.

To retain the feel of the Wild, Wild West, the game has a brown background and graphics that are pretty much akin to sketches. As previously mentioned, the graphics are vibrant and the color schemes are absolutely gorgeous. This truly is an HD remake of the original Gunman Clive games of yore.

The Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U has received massive acclaim from fans and Nintendo is happy to have an HD version of their popular gaming console.

If you’re into shooting bad guys in the 1800s, the Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U is a really great game to quench that thirst.

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Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein Supplement

When you are working out, there is a really huge difference when you are drinking Whey Protein supplements. First of all, you get to recover faster. Second, depending on the Whey Protein supplement you are drinking, they contain amino acids that will help speed up muscle growth.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a promising new Whey Protein supplement called the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein. A lot of people have bought this Whey Protein because it contains BCAAs such as Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine as well as other components that help build muscle.

So, what can you expect from the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein Supplement? Well, there are a number of them, and here they are:

  • Easily Dissolvable Whey Protein Formula
  • Free from rBST
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Additives
  • 4.0 grams BCAAs Per Serving
  • Reduced Fat & Lactose Content
  • Offered in French Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry and Unflavored

The Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein supplement does not contain any artificial sweeteners. This means that it is not sweet at all, but it is delicious because the flavors will be enhanced.

Furthermore, the Whey Protein supplement is easily dissolved, even when you put the scoop first before adding in water and milk. I’ve had the horrors of putting the Whey Protein supplement first before adding any liquid. Some Whey Proteins are not easily dissolved, even with intense shaking. It is a great thing that the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein supplement can be dissolved easily, sparing you from the hassle of shaking your shaker cup immensely.

The Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein supplement also has 4 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids per scoop. I mentioned before that Whey Protein supplement has agents that can help speed up muscle recovery and growth. BCAAs is just another component that can add to that.

It is also surprising that there is an unflavored variant of the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein. This can be advantageous if you want to add it to your juice, perhaps? The flavor combinations are endless!

I am very interested to know how the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein Supplement fair with customers. Let’s take a look at some of their reviews:

Kim: “Great value and taste is awesome! I’ve actually tried all the flavors and I am currently taking the Unflavored one. Maybe I will add this to my foods next time and see how it goes! Personally, the effects have become apparent after only one month of use, and I am continually making gradual progress!”

MJ: “As far as price to performance ratio is concerned, the Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein Supplement is one of the best Whey Supplements I have ever tried. It is also surprising that they have added an Unflavored variant in the mix, and that is the one I am trying now. I actually added this to my fruit juice, and I never really tasted any Whey Protein supplement! This is a good move in the Jarrow Formulas part. I recommend this Whey Protein supplement to anyone who hits the gym and wants to build muscle!”

The Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein supplement is a good choice for people who want to have a great-tasting and effective Whey Protein Supplement. The Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein supplement costs only $20 for a 2lb bottle.

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RSP Quadralean Raspberry Ketone Supplement Review

Raspberry Ketones have become popularly known as a weight-loss supplement. A lot of supplement manufacturers have joined the bandwagon and have created their own unique take on the Raspberry Ketones. Some of them stuck with the natural Raspberry Ketone, some manufacturers opted to add a few more things to elevate its weight-loss effects.

RSP Quadralean Raspberry Ketone supplements have become one of the front-runners in the Raspberry Ketone supplement niche. What makes RSP’s Quadralean Raspberry Ketone supplements different from the rest? Let’s find out.

According to their website, Quadralean’s key benefits are as follows:

  1. The supplement controls your appetite, making you eat less.
  2. It mobilizes fat stores
  3. Increases your energy
  4. It accelerates your body’s metabolism

All of the key benefits they’ve listed on their site seems promising. But, we need some real science to back up their claims.

Some key nutrients that are found in the Quadralean Raspberry Ketone Supplements are:

  1. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)- This nutrient allows for the healthy breakdown of fat. It also reduces the amount of fat cells that can be stored in your body.
  2. L-Carnitine- L-Carnitine has been proven to be one of the most effective nutrients for weight-loss. It helps convert fat into usable energy and it improves your body’s overall metabolism.
  3. Garcinia Cambogia- This ingredient helps with your body’s satiety levels.

A lot of weight-loss supplements are out in the market today, and a lot of people are skeptical about their real effectiveness. Fortunately, we’ve found some reviews of some happy customers.

Smitty said, “Took product as directed, curved my appetite and elevated my mood at those times when I wanted to snack I didn’t feel as grumpy. Also saw great results from the first bottle I cycled shed body fat and trim down and cut up a lot!! Also, this was the only supplement I used and buying my second bottle now!!!!”

William Housewright added, “This stuff is monsterous! At first I figured the placebo effect ruled this item like other diet supplements. But I seriously dont feel hungy after my morning dose! And for my military PT test, I did 8 more reps with same usual training! The influx of endurance is amazing! And the price! Great stuff”

Some people, though, have some qualms about this product. For some people, the amount of capsules they need to take daily is too much. According to the label, you’re supposed to consume 3 capsules, twice daily, 30 minutes before your meal. So, if you ordered for a 30-capsule bottle, it will only last for 5 days.

Still, a lot of people have been raving about this product and they’ve seen noticeable results. Just a word of caution, though: when you take fat-burning supplements, it is important that you consult the advice of a physician first, just to be absolutely sure that it is safe for you.

The 30-bottle capsule of RSP’s Quadralean Raspberry Ketone is available for only $10. The 150-bottle capsule is priced at $22.74.

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Upgrading Nintendo 3DS to latest firmware


In the event you’re searching for newer (and really amazing) ZX Spectrum game titles to enjoy on your own Nintendo 3DS, we definitely suggest anything from the Mojon twins, who appears to be setting homebrew games and our new indie all the time for the ZX Spectrum computer.You will find all those emulators that are astonishing right in our 3DS homebrew downloads section. When you are there also take a look at the really fabulous classic game titles reproduction and totally new games launched by the homebrew creators regularly for the Nintendo 3DS,DS and DSi consoles.

A tiny upgrade to the popular Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL systems. The existing upgrade system edition if it was at 7.1.0-16 we’re happy to ensure that all our clients understand  that all the R4 3DS cards have been upgraded and supported to be operating just fine on all console systems of the 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL together with the most recent 7.1.0-16 upgrade. Should you have been operating your R4 on edition 7.0 or higher, it’s not necessary for any upgrade for your firmware files as this upgrade doesn’t need the latest firmware for our particular cards.

If in any case you are operating an edition of the 3DS system under 7.0.0, then I recommend you follow the instructions below in order to upgrade your card to the latest 7.0 compatible firmware and you will be all set in no time.

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Using HGH for muscle growth

Human Growth Hormone or HGH injections do more than just slowing down the aging process in human. Studies have shown that it is very effective in increasing the lean body mass in our bodies. When we say lean body mass, it refers to the total muscle composition of our body and all other body components minus fats. HGH injections boost the protein synthesis of our bodies, thus improving the tissue formation of our muscles.

HGH injections are deemed as powerful as another naturally produced hormone – testosterone. What HGH does is to direct the calories in foods to protein synthesis rather than fat synthesis. It normally takes 15-20 minutes to inject the HGH. Within this timeframe, the hormone enters the bloodstream and in one to three hours, it reaches the peak of blood concentration. Most people have their HGH injections when they wake up in the morning because if you inject it at night, it may suppress the natural production of HGH by our pituitary gland, which happens at nighttime when we sleep.

Some athletes use HGH injections to improve their performance. With HGH injections, they can endure long durations of workout since the hormone speeds up the protein synthesis process in the muscle tissues. This results in improved reparation of the muscles. Since extensive physical activities and exercises can put too much pressure on our muscles, HGH injections are used to eliminate the risk of injuries. As a result, athletes can withstand vigorous exercises that will enhance their performance in whatever physical sports they are involved in.

This effect of the HGH injections is proven medically. Even physicians use them to treat patients who need muscle and tissue repair. These are injected to people infected with HIV because they experience muscle weakness. The virus causes their muscle to break down and makes their condition more difficult to bear. With HGH injections, the muscle mass of these patients is improved, giving them more energy to move around and perform their daily activities.

HGH should be injected according to doctor’s instructions. Just like all things in life, you cannot have too much of these hormones as overdose on HGH will cause negative effects in your body. HGH injections are known to have anabolic effects that produce growth in muscle tissues but when taken in higher than recommended dosage, it will be detrimental to your health. It is best to consult your doctor so you will know the optimal dose of HGH injections that your body can take.

The right amount of HGH injections will really make your trips to the gym more beneficial. You will not get tired easily, and you will feel your muscles getting stronger. Some people take HGH injections with anabolic steroids to maximize muscle growth but the latter is chemically produced. While anabolic steroids are synthesized to imitate male hormones, HGH is deemed safer to use because it is a natural hormone produced by the body. It is scientifically proven to build up muscle tissues and is recommended by physicians.

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The benefits and side effects of Saffron Extract supplements

Ever since Dr. Oz raved about saffron extract supplements on a recent episode of his TV show, people have been eager to learn more. It comes from the crocus sativus flower, but because it can only come from certain female parts of the flower, the extract can prove to be extremely expensive in certain circles.

It has been positively linked to studies on methods of treating depression and PMS, and it has in recent years become an increasingly popular notion of treating weight loss. saffron extract The question everybody wants to know is whether or not saffron extract supplements really can help with weight loss goals.

Although it’s not a miracle drug by any means, these supplements are proving to help people lose weight.

Insight Into Saffron Extract Supplements

The saffron extract found in these supplements aids in weight loss in several ways. You should certainly not abandon your diet and exercise plans, if you happen to have any, but these products have studies and positive reviews to back them up. All of those things, and let’s not forget about Dr. Oz, point to saffron extract supplements as a useful tool.

Saffron extract supplements work by increasing our levels of serotonin. This has been proven to work against our depression and anxiety, and this is the main way in which it can work for you as a dietary supplement. What saffron does is improve on our mood, and conversely decrease our need to snack between meals, or eat more than we actually need to. Our cravings for sweets and snacks between meals go down, and we find ourselves more and more satisfied with a full, healthy meal. It is in this way that this particular supplement works. This is what is leading so many people to claim that they have been losing weight since adding these supplements to their diet.

And what is the best way to add it to your diet? Any worthwhile supplement you purchase should give you detailed instructions for safe usage. Follow these instructions to the letter. It’s the only way you’re going to see any kind of results at all.

Shopping For Saffron Extract Supplements

Shopping for saffron extract supplements is quite easy. The availability of these products has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. You can find these supplements in numerous stories, or through reputable online retailers. Make certain to research your possibilities very carefully.

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Dieting with African Mango – the Pros and Cons

Even if there does exist such a thing as a miracle, it’s best to bet you won’t be the one to experience it. So when someone mentions the brand new “miracle weight loss supplement”, it doesn’t hurt to pretend you didn’t hear them. Either they’re lying, or someone they know of just got incredibly lucky. But sometimes, there’s some truth to the hype: Enter African mango.  african mangoWhile it’s often touted as a “wonder supplement” or “miracle fat burner”, you can be sure it’s not a ticket to instant, massive fat loss. That said, it is a ticket to a quick, impressive, and healthy body transformation if used correctly. Here, we’ll look at just how to use African mango to ensure you get as much out of it as you can.

When and How to Take African mango

Deciding just when to take a supplement is never easy, unless you happen to have a large amount of clinical data on hand. Which you probably don’t. Luckily, someone did, and from that data, determined that the best way to take African mango is in capsule form; and the best way to time it is around meals. The average African mango supplement should be taken about thirty minutes prior to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which makes for three doses per day, right before meals. This is to enable your body to better utilize the nutrients you feed it and prepare itself so as to store as little as possible of what’s coming in as fat — and that’s always useful.

African mango and Exercise

Everyone knows exercise is an important component of any weight loss scheme. And, thankfully, African mango helps quite a bit in this regard. By acting as a thermogenic, African mango helps boost your energy levels, meaning you’ll have more get up and go throughout the day. That makes it easier to — well, to do just about everything, actually, but to work out, in particular. Since you won’t be tired and your metabolism will be working to its fullest, you’ll be able to handle physical activity much more easily than you would if you weren’t using an African mango supplement.

Just as for diet alone, there’s a way to use African mango specifically to maximize what you get out of your exercise. Try taking it one hour prior to hitting the gym or going for your run; you’ll feel the difference as soon as you get moving.

Eating Well with African Mango

It’s not hard to eat less when you’re using African mango, since it acts as an appetite suppressant. You do, however, need to remember to eat. A lot of people get carried away when trying to lose weight, and in their zeal, do something stupid: Starve. That gets nothing accomplished, so, while it might feel viable, make sure to keep eating. You’ll lose weight all the same — we promise. So order your African mango today, and get moving: You’ll be glad you did.

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3DS flashcarts and their uses

Game lovers now have a lot of variety when it comes to selection of superior quality flash cartridges. 3DS Flashcarts have become common because of their flexibility and ease of use. Gateway 3DS has successfully managed to penetrate the market with their 3DS Flashcarts that have revolutionized the entire industry. Their flash cartridge has so far excelled in ensuring that users get timely updates, and avails new exciting features.

Gateway entered the market at a time where there was a lot of uncertainty about their chances of progressing in the industry. However, their highly rated customer service attitude has earned them a high reputation from their customers. Despite stiff competition from r4 3ds models, the company has still managed to maintain a high presence on the market.

The launch of new v2.0 firmware, emuNAND has allowed users to experience added advantages. Gateway 3DS is now compatible with more games with NAND saving versions still remaining as they were. It is wise to adhere to the guidelines outlined by Gateway when updating the system. Note that it is the emuNAND and not NAND that should be updated. There have been cases of users who have mistakenly updated NAND, which exposes the 3DS to several dangers. The beta release also comes with its own shortcomings and therefore vigilance is vital.

3DS Flashcarts come with other diverse facilities such as Multi-ROM. It is expected that there will be an addition of cohesive menus and fully operational emuNAND accompanied by the latest support. Other inclusions are cartridge backup facilities, both internet and device self-support, as well as drag and drop FAT 32 systems.

Advantages of 3DS Flashcarts

  • The processing of setting up the device and using it is straightforward and, therefore, doesn’t require any expert knowledge.

  • It is possible set up backups for stored files.

  • Can be used to play games from anywhere in the world

  • Has the capability to spoof firmware

  • Superior plastic quality is used to manufacture the cartridge, this enhances durability

  • Full Game compatibility

  • Both homebrew and online support is available

  • Multi-ROM support

Disadvantage of Gateway

  • The device is very expensive compared to other chips currently being supplied on the market.

When using 3DS Flashcarts, it is important for users to cease from using firmware and files that are used in other devices. Other devices such as r4 3ds, 3ds link and MT-card have their own firmware versions and should therefore not be used on Gateway 3DS units. Use of multiple firmware risks corrupting the launcher.dat file which controls several functions of the 3DS. This causes serious damage to the console that, unfortunately, can’t be fixed. In order to fully enjoy Gateway 3DS, users should make sure to learn more about their features and take precautionary measures.

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Find real HCG drops

If you have been considering the HCG diet and starting to use or buy HCG drops, you may be wondering about the products that you have seen on shelves in stores that claim to be homeopathic HCG drops. Here, we will look at these products and evaluate if they are real or not. We will also learn more about what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have to say about these sorts of products. Lastly, we will tell you where you can get real HCG drops.
Can’t You Buy These In Stores?
Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, GNC, Rite Aid, and other drug, supplement, and health food stores may sell products that claim to be HCG in a homeopathic form. Often times, these products are sold as pills, pellets, sprays, or even oral HCG drops. For many, these may seem like a great option because they are widely available and fairly cheap when compared with other HCG products. But you should stay away from these products if you are looking for the real deal when it comes to HCG products. Many of these are completely fake, and could even be harmful.
What the FDA Says
Recently, the FDA banned the sale and use of any homeopathic HCG drops or products. Since these products do not really contain HCG, they are improperly labeled, and are not FDA approved. Real HCG is a prescription drug that can only really be purchased from these stores with a prescription from a doctor because it is used, most often, as a fertility drug. Doctors will not normally write a prescription for actual HCG drops or injections without a medical need. You can, however, get real HCG injections from HCG clinics that distribute the drug for real medical causes.
Where to Find Real HCG Drops
So where can you find real HCG drops? Online! These drops can be shipped right to your door for a fair price, along with a HCG diet plan. These drops come in a formula that you mix yourself, and take in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for injections, and no need for trips to the clinic to get injected, or possible reactions that can happen at the injection site. Just take these drops as instructed, follow the diet plan, and you will notice that the pounds and inches will begin to just melt away. Try it today!

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