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Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U

Do you have a dream of becoming a wild, wild west gunslinger? Back when I was a small boy, I’ve had dreams of becoming a gunslinger in the Wild west. My uncle used to frequently watch gunslinger movies and I am hooked on it ever since.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U. This is actually a remastered version of previous Gunman Clive games. It now has a much-improved graphics, more intuitive controls, and a more vibrant interface.

For those of you who don’t know, Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U is a side-scrolling action game. You take on the role of Gunman Clive, a sharpshooting gunslinger who is out to take on the bad guys.

The Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U actually contains 2 of the previous Gunman Clive games: Gunman Clive and Gunman Clive 2. Both of them, as previously mentioned, are improved in every conceivable way.

The story of the game revolves around Gunman Clive in the Wild West. The year was somewhere in the 1800s where rogue cowboys roam freely. Since Gunman Clive is the type of person who wants to uphold peace in the land, he is in pursuit of the baddies.

I can’t even begin with describing the graphics of the game without saying that it is indeed one of the most vibrant and well-thought graphics ever made in a video game. This game sports a 2D art-like design reminiscent to that of the old Cowboy films.

But I digress, let’s get back to the story. This Nintendo Wii U game’s story is about rescuing the mayor’s daughter. The player should complete 16 levels of various difficulties in order to reach the daughter and save her from evil cowboys.

To help Gunman Clive defeat the bad guys, he will have a choice of specialized weapons that have different purposes. You can get a spread shot gun where each time you fire, there will three shots that are going to come out of the gun. There is also the Explosive Bullets where the bullets explode on impact. And, who would’ve thought that Gunman Clive can wield a laser gun in the 1800s? Yes, that’s right; Gunman Clive can also use a laser gun which is pretty awesome considering the setting the game is in.

To retain the feel of the Wild, Wild West, the game has a brown background and graphics that are pretty much akin to sketches. As previously mentioned, the graphics are vibrant and the color schemes are absolutely gorgeous. This truly is an HD remake of the original Gunman Clive games of yore.

The Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U has received massive acclaim from fans and Nintendo is happy to have an HD version of their popular gaming console.

If you’re into shooting bad guys in the 1800s, the Gunman Clive HD for the Nintendo Wii U is a really great game to quench that thirst.

Upgrading Nintendo 3DS to latest firmware


In the event you’re searching for newer (and really amazing) ZX Spectrum game titles to enjoy on your own Nintendo 3DS, we definitely suggest anything from the Mojon twins, who appears to be setting homebrew games and our new indie all the time for the ZX Spectrum computer.You will find all those emulators that are astonishing right in our 3DS homebrew downloads section. When you are there also take a look at the really fabulous classic game titles reproduction and totally new games launched by the homebrew creators regularly for the Nintendo 3DS,DS and DSi consoles.

A tiny upgrade to the popular Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL systems. The existing upgrade system edition if it was at 7.1.0-16 we’re happy to ensure that all our clients understand  that all the R4 3DS cards have been upgraded and supported to be operating just fine on all console systems of the 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL together with the most recent 7.1.0-16 upgrade. Should you have been operating your R4 on edition 7.0 or higher, it’s not necessary for any upgrade for your firmware files as this upgrade doesn’t need the latest firmware for our particular cards.

If in any case you are operating an edition of the 3DS system under 7.0.0, then I recommend you follow the instructions below in order to upgrade your card to the latest 7.0 compatible firmware and you will be all set in no time.

3DS flashcarts and their uses

Game lovers now have a lot of variety when it comes to selection of superior quality flash cartridges. 3DS Flashcarts have become common because of their flexibility and ease of use. Gateway 3DS has successfully managed to penetrate the market with their 3DS Flashcarts that have revolutionized the entire industry. Their flash cartridge has so far excelled in ensuring that users get timely updates, and avails new exciting features.

Gateway entered the market at a time where there was a lot of uncertainty about their chances of progressing in the industry. However, their highly rated customer service attitude has earned them a high reputation from their customers. Despite stiff competition from r4 3ds models, the company has still managed to maintain a high presence on the market.

The launch of new v2.0 firmware, emuNAND has allowed users to experience added advantages. Gateway http://www.r43dsofficielss.com/categories/Nintendo-2DS/ is now compatible with more games with NAND saving versions still remaining as they were. It is wise to adhere to the guidelines outlined by Gateway when updating the system. Note that it is the emuNAND and not NAND that should be updated. There have been cases of users who have mistakenly updated NAND, which exposes the 3DS to several dangers. The beta release also comes with its own shortcomings and therefore vigilance is vital.

3DS Flashcarts come with other diverse facilities such as Multi-ROM. It is expected that there will be an addition of cohesive menus and fully operational emuNAND accompanied by the latest support. Other inclusions are cartridge backup facilities, both internet and device self-support, as well as drag and drop FAT 32 systems.

Advantages of 3DS Flashcarts

  • The processing of setting up the device and using it is straightforward and, therefore, doesn’t require any expert knowledge.

  • It is possible set up backups for stored files.

  • Can be used to play games from anywhere in the world

  • Has the capability to spoof firmware

  • Superior plastic quality is used to manufacture the cartridge, this enhances durability

  • Full Game compatibility

  • Both homebrew and online support is available

  • Multi-ROM support

Disadvantage of Gateway

  • The device is very expensive compared to other chips currently being supplied on the market.

When using 3DS Flashcarts, it is important for users to cease from using firmware and files that are used in other devices. Other devices such as r4 3ds, 3ds link and MT-card have their own firmware versions and should therefore not be used on Gateway 3DS units. Use of multiple firmware risks corrupting the launcher.dat file which controls several functions of the 3DS. This causes serious damage to the console that, unfortunately, can’t be fixed. In order to fully enjoy Gateway 3DS, users should make sure to learn more about their features and take precautionary measures.