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Find real HCG drops

If you have been considering the HCG diet and starting to use or buy HCG drops, you may be wondering about the products that you have seen on shelves in stores that claim to be homeopathic HCG drops. Here, we will look at these products and evaluate if they are real or not. We will also learn more about what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have to say about these sorts of products. Lastly, we will tell you where you can get real HCG drops.
Can’t You Buy These In Stores?
Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, GNC, Rite Aid, and other drug, supplement, and health food stores may sell products that claim to be HCG in a homeopathic form. Often times, these products are sold as pills, pellets, sprays, or even oral HCG drops. For many, these may seem like a great option because they are widely available and fairly cheap when compared with other HCG products. But you should stay away from these products if you are looking for the real deal when it comes to HCG products. Many of these are completely fake, and could even be harmful.
What the FDA Says
Recently, the FDA banned the sale and use of any homeopathic HCG drops or products. Since these products do not really contain HCG, they are improperly labeled, and are not FDA approved. Real HCG is a prescription drug that can only really be purchased from these stores with a prescription from a doctor because it is used, most often, as a fertility drug. Doctors will not normally write a prescription for actual HCG drops or injections without a medical need. You can, however, get real HCG injections from HCG clinics that distribute the drug for real medical causes.
Where to Find Real HCG Drops
So where can you find real HCG drops? Online! These drops can be shipped right to your door for a fair price, along with a HCG diet plan. These drops come in a formula that you mix yourself, and take in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for injections, and no need for trips to the clinic to get injected, or possible reactions that can happen at the injection site. Just take these drops as instructed, follow the diet plan, and you will notice that the pounds and inches will begin to just melt away. Try it today!